Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting (0.177)

Walther LG-300 Compressed Air Rifle At the highest level 10m Air rifle and pistol is one of the disciplines within shooting, which is an Olympic sport.

Within Great Britain members can take part in many competitions at individual, club, team, and county championship events and if they meet the qualifying scores at national representation competitions could be selected to shoot for their country.

The sport, 10m Air rifle and Pistol shooting is governed in Great Britain by the National Small-bore Rifle Association (N.S.R.A) and Internationally by the International Shooting Sports Federation (I.S.S.F)

Men, women and juniors can all take part and enjoy this very demanding, but rewarding discipline.

The club decided as a way to stimulate shooting in the area, to introduce air gun 10m competitive target shooting and we're very pleased to see the uptake.

The result is that Rugeley Rifle Club has a number of members representing the county team and one member is now junior air rifle champion of Great Britain!

This activity in the club is the fastest growing and has proved a stimulus for airgun members to also take up 0.22" rimfire disciplines with considerable success.
Steyr Compressed Air Pistol

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