An introduction to target shooting - So what's it all about?

Shooting is an enjoyable but demanding sport, and as you would expect there has to be discipline and this approach helps to develop skills necessary to be able to shoot well.

Whilst it is on the ranges where you will to shoot, there is the clubroom where you can socialize with other people with the same aims and interests as yourself.

Joining a shooting club is subject to some safeguards by law (Firearms Act). The Club has a proud safety record and it is one, which we wish, and intend, to continue and therefore safety aspects are paramount.

So if you wish to know more about the sport of target shooting then, come down to the Club as a Visitor and have a look the facilities and meet members.

If you like what you see and feel you want to join, you need to complete an application form and return it back to the Club, together with two Passport style photographs and the signature of 2 referees; You will then be accepted as a Probationary Member for the period of three months.

You will be enrolled on a training course after which, if deemed safe and competent, your application will be considered by the management committee of the club for full membership status.

Please note: by law you are not allowed to shoot 0.22" rimfire on your initial visit, until you have been made a probationary member

At every visit it is obligatory (by law) that you sign in on the attendance register not only to prove the number of visits but also to ensure you are covered by the 3rd party insurance cover at the club.

The club also offers the use of a selection of good quality 0.22" rimfire rifles, Air rifles and Air Pistols, these are free for use of any member or probationary member of the club.

Firearms Law

The following doesn't cover all aspects of the firearms act, however it is important to note the following:

That it is a criminal offence to have a firearm or ammunition unless you hold a firearms certificate so authorising you to do so. For the purpose of the Act even one round of ammunition is classed as a firearm (the term "round" means in common parlance a bullet, a cartridge)


It is not necessary initially to buy any equipment as the club has all that you will need for you to use free of charge. However once you are progressing in the sport you will feel the need to obtain items so that you can relate to these more personally.

Typical equipment that you will use as a shooter as you progress is listed below:

Shooting jacket, sling, shooting glove/mitt, shooting mat, spotting telescope, and finally a rifle or pistol depending on which discipline you finally choose to pursue.

10 Points of Safety

1) Never point a weapon at anyone, always assume it is loaded
2) Always point the weapon down the range
3) Wait for instruction to commence firing when range officer is satisfied it is safe to shoot
4) When finished firing, open the breach and leave open so that it is clear that the weapon is safe. Breach flag to be inserted into the breach to prove safety
5) Only go forward of the firing point when safe to do so and range officer has given permission
6) No one is to shoot on any of the ranges unless another member is present
7) Read the notice board to keep up to date of any changes effecting safety
8) Do not disturb other shooters in the same detail wait quietly until detail finished
9) If you have a problem eg: a miss-fire then keep the weapon pointing down range and wait until detail finished and then speak out loud so that the range officer knows of your problem. He/She will now take charge and make the situation safe

Are there any age restrictions ?

Whilst there are age restrictions in place around the granting of firearm certificates and the ownership of firearms, the club allows all ages to join and take part in the sport.

The person must be able to control the rifle or pistol and this particularly affects juniors. A suitable minimum age would probably be 9 and all juniors must be accompanied by their parents or guardians..

The upper age range is as long as you feel you wish to participate indeed over 30% of the clubs membership is well past retirement age.

So this is genuinely a sport for all ages, where males and females compete on equal footing. Disabled persons can also take part and the club has full disable access and toilet facilities.

Site Updated April 2014