0.22 Small-Bore Rim Fire Shooting

This for many years has been the main activity of the club and covers different disciplines and positions:

Prone (lying down)

This is the most popular method of shooting in GB and has a long history of competition shooting.

Bench rest

As the title implies this is where the shooter in the sitting position has the use of a bench to support the forestock of the rifle. This position is a good place to start for the raw beginner where he/she can learn the elements of controlling the rifle before progressing onto the other positions.

Standing and Kneeling positions

As you would imagine, these positions are much less stable and test your ability to master the techniques needed to control this activity. These positions together with prone form what is known as 3P ( 3 positions)or PSK (Prone, Standing and Kneeling) shooting and is the discipline that forms the competitions held at International level and the Olympics.

Long arm Pistol

Although Pistol firearms are in general prohibited in GB this is the only discipline allowed, being single shot and of a design such that the normal pistol configuration is changed and is of proportion twice the length of a normal pistol design. It is shot over a range of 20 meters indoor and 50 meters outdoor.

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